Research Publications


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An Ecological Feminist Reading of the Gospel of Luke: A Gestational Paradigm. Lewiston NY: Edwin Mellen Press, 2005

See reviews  by Elizabeth DowlingNorman Habel and Rohun Park.

Edited Collections

Reinterpreting the Eucharist: Explorations in Feminist Theology and Ethics, co-edited with Carol Hogan, Kim Power, and Claire Renkin (Sheffield: Equinox, 2013).

Climate Change-Cultural Change: Religious Responses and Responsibilities, co-edited with David Gormley O’Brien (Preston: Mosaic Press, 2013).

Book Chapters

‘Rethinking Neighbour Love: A Conversation between Political Theology and Ecological Ethics’, in ‘Where the Wild Ox Roams’: Biblical Essays in Honour of Norman C. Habel, edited by Alan H. Cadwallader and Peter L. Trudinger, 58-75, Sheffield: Sheffield Phoenix, 2013.

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“Living one for the other: Eucharistic hospitality as ecological hospitality”, in Reinterpreting the Eucharist: Explorations in Feminist Theology and Ethics, edited by Anne Elvey, Carol Hogan, Kim Power and Claire Renkin, 186-205, Sheffield: Equinox, 2013.

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Journal Articles

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