Bent toward the thing (Seaford: Rosslyn Avenue Productions, 2012) (self-published)

Back cover comment by Robert Adamson:

In 1950, Wallace Stevens wrote: at a time in which questions of disbelief were so prevalent, that poetry and the arts had become a compensation for what had been lost. Mallarmé said something similar in 1864, except he thought that poetry itself would replace the need some of us have for religion. What to make of these questions now? I think one of the terrible problems of our day is that we don’t believe in anything at all. Anne Elvey’s ‘Bent toward the thing’ fills this abyss with deft, elegant thinking and a profound belief in both humanity and the existence of the human soul. I found this book a breath of fresh inspiration and enjoyed each poem as I turned the pages, like listening to music or singing. Elvey’s poetry is filled with ‘punctuations of light’ and has skies where ‘glory bursts with rosellas’. In the extraordinary poem ‘What is a soul?’, Elvey answers ‘the soul is a prayer’ and responds brilliantly to Mallarmé’s call for ‘pure’ poetry with a sparse Objectivist description, ‘a soul quivers/in the palm of your/voice’: the poem as we read it becomes the body’s temple.

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