kin-170x240 Published by Five Islands Press 2014

Endorsements for Kin:

Anne Elvey’s is a lyrical voice that forever find new ways to take itself back, to withdraw or be withdrawn in order to make a space between the lines for those things to appear towards which her words are “bent.” These are poems that disclose all kinds of kinship while staying true to singularities that can’t quite be caught in verse: “there’s no transliteration for a magpie’s/song”. Traversing diverse timescales and geographies, resolute in its attentiveness to social and ecological wrongs, Kin is open to surprise and pitched towards the potential for renewal and reconnection. In my enraptured reading this collection composes a pilgrimage of sorts, whose elusive end, however variously essayed, is “to witness the honour of things, to think/the way a leaf swallows the light.”

Kate Rigby

Like the wading bird of her poem “The Egret,” Anne Elvey’s poetry has “the grace to impale the soul” and “a body that is reeds’ song.” Her poems inhabit and elaborate an ecotone; they speak a shore—“the thin place between the word and the thing,” between the living and the dead, between here and beyond, the diurnal and the eternal. These poems are the world without, and the world within; they are both wild and refined, ecstatic and scholarly; they are a “drawing room of rain.” Elvey’s poems walk a studious witness.

Mark Tredinnick

Kin introduces a poet of spare, clean lines, acute lyrical perception, and delicate care for the world and people about her. It is a book to read and re-read.

Kevin Hart

From Kin

Bent toward the thing

the imagination is
bare. Clothes lie in snatches

across the grass as if the glance would
collapse with language, but does not.

An exception occurs
when to see       is

to see the fragment grafted to the thing.
The hand traces the surface

to the cut
and meets the burr of the wood.

The nose takes in moistness it
may be poison

to taste. The mind strips the bark
as if to inquire     is there

an inner graft, a matter
toward which one might bend


Reviews of Anne Elvey, Kin (Five Islands Press, 2014)