Plumwood Mountain

2014-08-05 13.41.43There are some events of interest coming up sooner and later:

In August 2014, in Melbourne, David Morley, from the University of Warwick, and friends are reading at Collected Works on Wednesday 20 August, beginning 6.00pm. David is also giving a public lecture “Everything is Poetry: Environmental Poetry, Guerrilla Poetry and Poetry Bombing” at Monash Caulfield Campus on Wednesday 27 August, from 6.00pm-7.00pm. See here for further details. Also on Wednesday 27 August, there is a Melbourne Poets Union event: poets from the Bayside region are giving readings at Talbot Hall, not far from Seaford Station, beginning 7.00pm (Garth Madsen is MC, and readers are Avril Bradley, Jennifer Compton, Anne Elvey, Michelle Leber and Philton). If you wanted you could go to David’s lecture, hop on a Frankston-bound train afterwards and turn up a little late to the MPU event. Details are available here.

Here are a few conferences, Plumwood…

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