David Gormley-O’Brien and I coedited a collection of essays exploring religious (mostly Christian) responses and responsibilities in the context of climate change. What kinds of cultural change are religious institutions and adherents being called to participate in and encourage? The publisher’s webpage is here

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Kate Rigby writes of this collection:

Christianity has long been in the green line of fire for fostering the human exceptionalism that has historically legitimated industrial civilization’s onslaught upon the Earth. Acknowledging that religion, at least in its culturally dominant formation in the West, has been, and in some cases remains, part of the problem, the varied contributions to this excellent volume nonetheless give grounds for hope that an ecologically renovated Christianity, in consort with other religious traditions, might also become part of the solution. Bringing together perspectives from science, theology, biblical studies, ministry, and the sociology of religion, this collection of incisive and inspiring essays by established and emerging scholars, activists and eco-faith practitioners from Australia and Oceania, demonstrates some of the diverse ways in which religious understandings and practices can contribute towards countering the rampant consumerism fuelling social injustice, environmental destruction and global warming, as well as nurturing just and compassionate responses to the dire impacts of those climatic changes that have now become inevitable.

 Kate Rigby, Professor of Environmental Humanities, Monash University